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Site last updated 31/3/2014

Yes, dear reader, it's a Facebook link... Planet Mellotron's finally decided to enter the modern world (in a manner of speaking). Please feel free to carry on e-mailing, but the page is there for, er, whatever it's for.


I'm receiving more and more review requests from artists (or, more likely, their management/record companies) who clearly haven't actually looked at the site.
Planet Mellotron only reviews albums containing Mellotron, or reasonable facsimiles thereof, as becomes blindingly obvious after an even cursory glance at the reviews section.
Thank you in advance.

OK, what's it all about? After seeing a couple of lists of 'albums containing Mellotron', I thought I'd try to bring the idea up to date, and have a really concerted effort at listing everything. Madness. Utter madness. If you knew the number of hours I've spent in record shops, on the net, rummaging through (mostly very understanding) friends' collections, listening to borrowed album after borrowed album... I love it really. I know it's sad, but it keeps me off the streets. And I've enjoyed it. Get a life, Thompson...

Anyway, happy browsing - please mail me your comments. All new entries/amendments welcome - this site is decidedly ongoing, and will be updated as often as possible.

You'll find that all spellings and dates on this site (except for proper names) are UK standard, e.g. 'theatre', 'centre', '18.4.00.' The site should have been optimised for Internet Explorer - please let me know if you find any 'glitches'.

As regular visitors to my site can see, there's been a few changes round here... The old Virgin Net site has been put out to pasture, as a freespace URL just looks cheap, and after wanting to switch to Planet Mellotron for over FIVE YEARS, I thought it was about time I did it. I've knocked up a few new buttons, and changed the format of a few things (song titles in the reviews section are no longer apostrophied, for example), but on the whole, it's business as usual. More page formatting is being run from an external .css file, so if anyone has any trouble viewing the site, please let me know. For what it's worth, the text is meant to be white on dark blue...

Late '05 update... Due to a bandwidth issue with my new webhosting service, not to mention some well-chosen advice, I've decided to split my larger pages (albums list, most reviews) into far smaller ones, so hopefully everything will load a lot quicker, and not be too much more difficult to navigate.

The lengthy and unrewarding task of putting a 'genre' annotation for all the list entries is still ongoing, so please be patient. I've spent enough time tarting the site up before its migration... I'm still hampered by the eternal problem of 'so how exactly do you describe so-and-so's music?' As usual, all sensible suggestions welcome.

Don't forget to have a look at the Readers' top tens page - please feel free to e-mail me yours.


Andy Thompson

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