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Among the many artists listed on the Albums list, most are relatively 'casual' users of tape-replay keyboards, often hiring them in for recording, or even (particularly in the '70s) using one simply because it was in the studio. However, there are a few 'dedicated' Mellotron/Chamberlin users whose names always come up in discussions on the subject, sometimes for one or two famous songs, sometimes because of their dedication to the cause, often using the machines for many years, occasionally long after polysynths 'replaced' them.

The idea of these articles is to collect together the various snippets of information about each artist's Mellotron use, including any amusing anecdotes doing the rounds. I make no claims as to their total accuracy; if you disagree with anything I've written (unless it concerns my entirely subjective view of some of the music), please let me know. All extra information gratefully received; anything relevant will be included in rewrites of the offending pieces.

Classic Rock Society magazine Mellotron article  by Ashley Franklin

UK 1980s Prog

UK Indie/Britpop

Oddball Owners