album list
P  (US)
P  (1995) - Andrew Weiss  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
P.G. Six  (US)  see: Samples etc.
P-Model  (Japan)  see: Samples etc.
Paatos  (Sweden, progressive)  also see: Samples etc.
Perception/Tea  (2001 single) - Johan Wallén  REVIEW  (****/TTT½)
Timeloss  (2002) - Johan Wallén  REVIEW  (****/TTTT)
Kallocain  (2004) - Johan Wallén  REVIEW  (****/TTT)
Silence of Another Kind  (2006) - Johan Wallén  REVIEW  (****/TT½)
Chase Pagan  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Gregory Page  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Jimmy Page  (UK)
Lucifer Rising & Other Sound Tracks  (2012, recorded 1973) - Jimmy Page  REVIEW  (***½/TT½)
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant  (UK, hard rock)
Walking Into Clarksdale  (1998) - Tim Whelan?  REVIEW  (****/T)
Florent Pagny  (France)  see: Samples etc.
Paige  (US, CCM)
Paige  (2001) - David Rice
Pain of Salvation  (Sweden, progressive metal)  see: Samples etc.
Liz Painter Band  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Chuck Palahniuk  (US)
Expedition  (2015) - Rob Campanella
Palaxy Tracks  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Pale  (Germany)  see: Samples etc.
Pallas  (UK, neo-progressive)
Arrive Alive  (1981 cassette/1983 LP/1998 CD) - Ronnie Brown  [different tracks on all three formats]  REVIEW  (*****/TTTTT)
Paris is Burning  (1983 EP) - Ronnie Brown  [tracks on Arrive Alive CD]  REVIEW  (***/TTT)
The Sentinel  (1984) - Ronnie Brown  [extra tracks on CD]  REVIEW  (****½/TTTT½)
Eyes in the Night  (1984 EP) - Ronnie Brown  [tracks on Sentinel/Arrive Alive CDs]  REVIEW  (****/TTT½)
Shock Treament  (1984 EP) - Ronnie Brown  [tracks on Sentinel CD]  REVIEW  (****/TTT½)
The Knightmoves  (1985 EP) - Ronnie Brown  [on Knightmoves to Wedge CD]  REVIEW  (****/TTT)
The Wedge  (1986) - Ronnie Brown  [extra tracks on Knightmoves to Wedge CD]  REVIEW  (***/T)
Throwing Stones at the Wind  (1986 EP) - Ronnie Brown  REVIEW  (***/T)
Live in Southampton  (1986 cassette) - Ronnie Brown  REVIEW  (****/TTT½)
Sketches  (1989 cassette, recorded 1985?-89?) - Ronnie Brown?  REVIEW  (***/T)
Mythopoeia  (2002, recorded 1981?-2001?) - Ronnie Brown  [CD-ROM of MP3s]  REVIEW  (*****/TTTTT)
The River Sessions 1  (2005, recorded 1982) - Ronnie Brown  REVIEW  (****/TTT½)
The River Sessions 2  (2005, recorded 1985) - Ronnie Brown  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
Owen Pallett  (Canada)  see: Samples etc.
Nerina Pallot  (UK)
Fires  (2005) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (**/T)
Year of the Wolf  (2011) - Bernard Butler  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Bruce Palmer  (Canada, psych)
The Cycle is Complete  (1971) - Chamberlin - Edward Roth &/or Jeff Kaplan  REVIEW  (**½/TT)
Paloalto  (US)
Paloalto  (2000) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (**/T)
Pancake  (Germany, progressive)
No Illusions  (1979) - Uli Frank  REVIEW  (***/TTT)
Pangée  (Québec, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
Panoptikon Orchestra  (Sweden)  see: Samples etc.
Pantaleimon  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Panthers  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Pantommind  (Bulgaria)  see: Samples etc.
Pantones  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Stefano Panunzi  (Italy)  see: Samples etc.
Paper Chase  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Paper Route  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Papercuts  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Liz Pappademas  (US)
11 Songs  (2007) - Mellotron & Chamberlin - Brian Kehew  REVIEW  (***/½)
Didier Paquette  (France, progressive)
Le Souffle Noir  (1981) - Didier Paquette  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Jill Paquette  (Canada, CCM)
Jill Paquette  (2003) - Chamberlin - Phil Madeira  REVIEW  (**/½)
Vanessa Paradis  (France)
Vanessa Paradis  (1992) - Lenny Kravitz  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Paragone  (US, neo-progressive)
Paragone  (1994) - Mark Walczak  REVIEW  (**/TT½)
Parallel Worlds  (Greece, electronic)  see: Samples etc.
Friedrich Paravicini  (Germany)  see: Samples etc.
Parchment  (UK, CCM)
Shamblejam  (1975) - ?  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Pariah  (US, metal)
To Mock a Killingbird  (1993) - Jeffrey C.J. Vanston  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Paris  (US/UK, hard rock)
Paris  (1976) - Glenn Cornick  REVIEW  (***/½)
Elena Moon Park & Friends  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Patrick Park  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Ashley Parker Angel  (US)
Soundtrack to Your Life  (2006) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (*½/½)
Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori  (US, electronica)  see: Samples etc.
Aaron Parks  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Phil Parlapiano  (US)
Pianoforte  (2004) - Phil Parlapiano  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
Matthew Parmenter  (US, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
Parquet Courts  (US)
Human Performance  (2016) - Austin Brown  REVIEW  (**/T)
Stephen Parsick  (Germany, electronic)
Traces of the Past  (1998) - Stephen Parsick/Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock  [reissued 2007, expanded/remixed, as Traces of the Past Redux]  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
Parson Red Heads  (US, Americana)
Yearling  (2011) - Brian Whelan/Chamberlin - Chris Stamey  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Andy Partridge  (UK)
Fuzzy Warbles Vol. 2  (2002, recorded 1979-2000) - Andy Partridge  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Fuzzy Warbles Vol. 3  (2003, recorded 1983-96) - Dave Gregory  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Fuzzy Warbles Vol. 4  (2003, recorded 1979-9?) - Andy Partridge  REVIEW  (***/T)
Fuzzy Warbles Vol. 7  (2006, recorded 1982-2003) - Andy Partridge/Dave Gregory  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Pas Chic Chic  (Québec)  see: Samples etc.
Passenger  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Passport  (Germany, fusion)
Hand Made  (1973) - Klaus Doldinger  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Looking Thru  (1973) - Klaus Doldinger  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Doldinger Jubilee Concert  (1974) - Kristian Schultze  [as Passport & Brian Auger, Johnny Griffin, Alexis Korner, Volker Kriegel, Pete York]  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Cross-Collateral  (1975) - Klaus Doldinger  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Infinity Machine  (1976) - Klaus Doldinger?  REVIEW  (***/T)
Ataraxia  [a.k.a. Sky Blue]  (1978) - Klaus Doldinger  REVIEW  (***/½)
Passport Control  (1997, recorded 1972-78) - Klaus Doldinger  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Pat & Sandy  (US)
Magic Minstrels Music  (197?) - Rick Aerial
Patrice  (Germany)  see: Samples etc.
Matt Patrick  (US)
Change  (2002) - Mellotron & Chamberlin - Matt Patrick
Patron Saints  (US, psych)
Time & Place  (2005) - Eric Bergman  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Pattern is Movement  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Patti Jo  (US, soul)
Ain't No Love Lost  (1972 single) - ?  REVIEW  (***/TT)
Make Me Believe in You  (1973 single) - ?  REVIEW  (***/TT)
Paul-André  (Québec, progressive)
Musique de Mes Amis Dionysos  (1978) - Michel le François  REVIEW  (***/TT)
Arth-Paul-Orchester  (Austria)
Roth-Händle Präsentiert Händel und Andere Komponisten im Arth-Paul-Sound  (1975) - Chamberlin - Gerhard Röhmer
Ellis Paul  (US, singer-songwriter)
The Speed of Trees  (2002) - Chamberlin - Paul Bryan  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Polly Paulusma  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Pavement  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Pavlov's Dog  (US, progressive pop)
Pampered Menial  (1975) - Doug Rayburn  REVIEW  (****/TTTT½)
At the Sound of the Bell  (1976) - Doug Rayburn/David Hamilton  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Third  [a.k.a. St. Louis Hounds, a.k.a. Has Anyone Here Seen Siegfried?]  (1994, recorded 1977) - Doug Rayburn  [extra tracks on reissue]  REVIEW  (***½/TTT (****/TTT½))
The Pekin Tapes  (2014, recorded 1973) - Doug Rayburn  REVIEW  (****½/TTT)
Of Once & Future Kings... Live  (2015, recorded 1976) - Doug Rayburn  REVIEW  (****/TTT)
Pawa Up First  (Québec)  see: Samples etc.
Le Payaco  (Slovakia)  see: Samples etc.
Kendall Payne  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Pazop  (Belgium)
Psychillis of a Lunatic Genius  (1996, recorded 1972-73) - Frank Wuyts  [1973 tracks only]  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Pazzo Fanfano di Musica  (Japan, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
The Peanuts  (Japan)
Ai no Yukue  (1974 single) - Hiroshi Miyagawa
Love  (1974) - Yasushi Miyagawa
Annette Peacock  (US, jazz)
Been in the Streets Too Long  (1983, recorded 1974-83) - Annette Peacock  REVIEW  (***/T)
Kevin Pearce  (UK, singer-songwriter)
Matthew Hopkins & the Wormhole  (2013) - Jarrod Gosling  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Pearl Jam  (US, grunge/hard rock)
vs  (1993) - Brendan O'Brien  REVIEW  (***/½)
Vitalogy  (1994) - Stone Gossard  REVIEW  (***/½)
Nick Peck  (US, progressive)
Under the Big Tree  (1997) - Nick Peck  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Pedro & Capricious  (Japan)
Killing Me Softly  (197? single) - ?  REVIEW  (**/TT)
Goban Machi no Mari e  (1974 EP) - ?  REVIEW  (**/T)
Pee Shy  (US)
Don't Get Too Comfortable  (1998) - Brad Jones  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Pee Wee Fist  (US)
Flying  (2001) - Michael McLaughlin
David Peel & the Apple Band  (US)
Bring Back the Beatles  (1977) - Les Fradkin  REVIEW  (*½/T½)
Julie Peel  (Québec)  see: Samples etc.
Peixe: Avião  (Portugal)  see: Samples etc.
Pelican  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Chris Pelcer  (Australia)
Can't Find Reverse  (1980)
Pell Mell  (Germany, progressive)
Marburg  (1972) - Thomas Schmitt?  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Rhapsody  (1975) - Thomas Schmitt? (or Ralph Lippmann or Cherry Hochdörfer)  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Only a Star  (1977) - Thomas Schmitt  REVIEW  (***/T)
Mauro Pelosi  (Italy)
La Stagione per Morire  (1972) - Mike Logan/Gianni Leone  REVIEW  (***/TT½)
Piero Pelù  (Italy)  see: Samples etc.
Dan Penn  (US, soul)
Do Right Man  (1994) - Spooner Oldham  REVIEW  (****/½)
Michael Penn  (US)
March  (1989) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (***½/TTT½)
Free-for-All  (1992) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (****/TTTT½)
Free Time  (1993 EP) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren?  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Resigned  (1997) - Mellotron & Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (****½/TTTT)
MP4 (Days Since a Lost Time Accident)  (2000) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (****/TTT½)
Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947  (2005) - Mellotron & Chamberlin - Michael Penn  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Michelle Penn  (US)  also see: Samples etc.
How Do You Live  (1998) - Aaron Swihart  REVIEW  (**½/T)
La Pentola di Papin  (Italy)  see: Samples etc.
Pentwater  (US, progressive)
Pentwater  (1977) - Ken Kappel  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Out of the Abyss  (1992, recorded 1973-6) - Ken Kappel  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Ab-Dul  (2007, recorded 1972-2006) - Ken Kappel  REVIEW  (****/T½)
People Who Must  (US)
Lost Wire Transfer  (1997) - Joey Huffman
Pepe Deluxé  (Finland)  see: Samples etc.
Peppermint Circus  (UK)
Keeping My Head Above Water  (1968 b-side) - Clive Hartley?
Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come  (US, progressive)
No Man's Land  (1975) - Victor Peraino  REVIEW  (***½/TTTTT)
Perfect Blue Sky  (Sweden, psych)  see: Samples etc.
Perigeo Special  (Italy)
Alice  (1980) - Paolo Rustichelli  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Perihelion Ship  (Finland)  see: Samples etc.
Perishers  (Sweden)  see: Samples etc.
Lee Perk  (Spain)  see: Samples etc.
Jukka Perko & Mikko Kuustonen  (Finland)
Profeetta  (2008) - Esa Kotilainen  REVIEW  (***/T)
Rudy Perrone  (US)
Oceans of Art  (1981) - Tom Doncourt  REVIEW  (****/TT)
Rain Perry  (US)
Cinderblock Bookshelves  (2008) - Chamberlin - Mark Hallman
Persephone's Dream  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Nina Persson  (Sweden)  see: Samples etc.
Jorge Pescara  (Brazil)  see: Samples etc.
Peter & Gordon  (UK, pop)
In London for Tea  (1967) - ?  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Peter Parker  (US)
Vanishing Point  (199?) - ?
Perspective  (2000)
Duane Peters & Pascal Briggs  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Eric Peters  (US)
Scarce  (2006) - Ben Shive  REVIEW  (**/½)
Andrew Peterson  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers  (US)
Wildflowers  (1994) - Benmont Tench  [as Tom Petty]  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Echo  (1999) - Chamberlin - Benmont Tench  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Hypnotic Eye  (2014) - Benmont Tench  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Randy Pevler  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Madeleine Peyroux  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Phantom Planet  (US)
Phantom Planet is Missing  (1998) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (****/TTTT)
Phantom's Divine Comedy  (US)
Phantom's Divine Comedy  (1974) - "Z" (?) (Mike DeMartino?)  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Phenomenal Handclap Band  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Phideaux  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Phil & John  (UK, CCM)
Don't Look Now... It's the Hallelujah Brothers  (1989) - Steve Lindsey  REVIEW  (*½/T)
Anthony Phillips  (UK, progressive)
The Geese & the Ghost  (1977) - Anthony Phillips  REVIEW  (****/T)
Wise After the Event  (1978) - Anthony Phillips  REVIEW  (***½/½ (T))
Sides  (1979) - Anthony Phillips  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Private Parts & Pieces Part II: Back to the Pavilion  (1980) - Anthony Phillips  REVIEW  (***½/½)
1984  (1981) - Anthony Phillips  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Invisible Men  (1983) - Anthony Phillips  REVIEW  (**/½)
Private Parts & Pieces Part IV: A Catch at the Tables  (1984) - Anthony Phillips  [track recorded 1980]  REVIEW  (****/T)
Archive Collection, Vol. 1  (1998, recorded 1969-90) - Anthony Phillips?  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Bijou Phillips  (US)
I'd Rather Eat Glass  (1999) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (***/TT)
Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Charlie Phillips  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Glen Phillips  (US)
Abulum  (2000) - Glen Phillips/Mellotron & Chamberlin - Ethan Johns/Chamberlin - Richard Causon  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Grant-Lee Phillips  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Gretchen Phillips  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Sam Phillips  (US)
Cruel Inventions  (1991) - Chamberlin - Van Dyke Parks/T-Bone Burnett/Sam Phillips  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Martinis & Bikinis  (1994) - Chamberlin - Sam Phillips? T-Bone Burnett? Benmont Tench?  REVIEW  (***/T)
Omnipop (it's Only a Fleshwound Lambchop)  (1996) - Chamberlin - Sam Phillips/Patrick Warren/Jon Brion  REVIEW  (***½/TTTT)
Shawn Phillips  (US)
Furthermore...  (1974) - Ann Odell  REVIEW  (***/T)
Philosopher Kings  (Canada)
Famous, Rich & Beautiful  (1997) - Jon Levine  REVIEW  (**/T½)
Philthy McNasty  (US)
Philthy McNasty  (1974) - Vince Stevens  REVIEW  (**/TT½)
Phish  (US, jamband)
Billy Breathes  (1996) - Page McConnell  REVIEW  (***/T)
Phoenix  (UK)
Phoenix  (1976) - Jim Rodford  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Phoids  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Phonograph  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Phosphorescent  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Phy  (Norway)
Soil  (1997 EP) - Vigdis Sjelmo
Mark Pickerel & His Praying Hands  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda  (US)
...At First Sight  (2003) - Chamberlin - Adam Beamer  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Rebecca Pidgeon  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
An Pierlé  (Belgium)  see: Samples etc.
Pierson, Parker, Janovitz  (US/UK)
Lost Songs of Lennon & McCartney  (2003) - Chamberlin - Paul Bryan  REVIEW  (***/TT½)
Pigeonhed  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Pigface  (UK/US)  see: Samples etc.
Landon Pigg  (US)
LP  (2006) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (*½/T½)
Pilate  (Canada)  see: Samples etc.
Pilgrym  (UK, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
Pilot  (UK)
The Craighall Demos 71:76  (2007) - Billy Lyall  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Pilot Balloon  (Germany)  see: Samples etc.
The Pin-Ups  (US)
Backseat Memoirs  (2000) - Martin Feveyear  REVIEW  (***/T)
Pina  (Austria)
Quick Look  (2002) - Pina Kollars  REVIEW  (***/TT½)
Guess You Got it  (2005) - Pina Kollars  REVIEW  (***/T)
Mike Pinder  (UK)
The Promise  (1976) - Mike Pinder  [extra track on CD]  REVIEW  (**½/T (T½))
Off the Shelf  [a.k.a. Among the Stars]  (1993) - Chamberlin? - Mike Pinder  [reissued, expanded, 1994]  REVIEW  (*½/T)
Courtney Pine  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Pine Valley Cosmonauts  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Pineapple Thief  (UK, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
Pineforest Crunch  (Sweden)
Make Believe  (1996) - Mats Lundgren  REVIEW  (****/TTT½)
Watergarden  (1998) - Mats Lundgren  REVIEW  (****/TTTT)
Innocent  (2000 EP) - Mats Lundgren
Panamarenko  (2001) - Mats Lundgren  REVIEW  (****/TTTT)
Richard Pinhas  (France, progressive)
Chronolyse  (1976) - Richard Pinhas  REVIEW  (****/TT)
Pink  (US)
Missundaztood  (2001) - Marti Frederiksen  REVIEW  (***/0)
Try This  (2003) - Linda Perry  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Pink Cloud  (Japan)
Alive  (1985) - ?
Pink Floyd  (UK, progressive/psych)
A Saucerful of Secrets  (1968) - Richard Wright  REVIEW  (****/TT)
It Would Be So Nice/Julia Dream  (1968 single) - Richard Wright  [both tracks on Masters of Rock, b-side on Relics]  REVIEW  (****/TTT)
Ummagumma  (1969) - Richard Wright  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Atom Heart Mother  (1970) - Richard Wright  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Works  (1993, recorded 1967-73) - Richard Wright
Pinkerton's Assorted Colours/Flying Machine  (UK, psych)
Flight Recorder  (1997, recorded 1965-71) - ?  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Pinkroom  (Poland, progressive metal)  see: Samples etc.
Pistol & Bart  (Norway)  see: Samples etc.
Plackband  (Netherlands, progressive)
The Lost Tapes  (2000, recorded 1981) - Kees Bik  REVIEW  (***/T)
Plain White T's  (US)
Big Bad World  (2008) - Johnny K/Chamberlin - Jon Brion  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Planetarium  (Italy, progressive)
Infinity  (1971) - ?  REVIEW  (****/TTTT)
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss  (UK/US)
Raising Sand  (2007) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (****/½)
Plastic Overlords  (US, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
Plastic People  (Netherlands)
Plastic People  (1971) - A "Jumbo" Friend
Plasticland  (US, psych)
Color Appreciation  [a.k.a. Plasticland]  (1984/85) - Glenn Rehse  REVIEW  (***½/TT½)
Wonder Wonderful Wonderland  (1985) - Glenn Rehse  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
Salon  (1987) - Glenn Rehse  REVIEW  (***/TT)
You Need a Fairy Godmother  (1989) - Glenn Rehse  REVIEW  (***/T)
Let's Play Pollyanna  (1989 EP) - Glenn Rehse  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Confetti  (1990) - Glenn Rehse
Dapper Snappings  (1994) - Glenn Rehse  REVIEW  (***/T)
Mink Dress & Other Cats  (1995, recorded 1980-85) - Glenn Rehse  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Plastics Hi-Fi  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Plasticsoul  (US)  also see: Samples etc.
Pictures From the Long Ago  (2005) - Chamberlin - Steven Wilson/Marc Bernal/David McConnell  REVIEW  (***½/TTT½)
The Platina  (Israel)
Freedom  (1974) - Alona Turel  REVIEW  (***/½)
Platinum Weird  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Player  (US, AOR)
Player  (1977) - Chamberlin - Wayne Cook  REVIEW  (**½/TT)
Pleasant Grove  (US)
Auscultation of the Heart  (2001) - Joe Butcher
Please  (UK, psych)
Seeing Stars  (2001, recorded 1969) - Peter Dunton  REVIEW  (***/T)
Ego Plum & the Ebola Music Orchestra  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Plumb  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Mike Plume Band  (Canada)  see: Samples etc.
Plush  (US)
Found a Little Baby  (1994 b-side) - Chamberlin - Liam Hayes  REVIEW  (***/TT)
Underfed  (2004, recorded 1999) - Chamberlin - Liam Hayes
Pluto  (Norway, progressive)
Voyage Into a Dreamer's Mind  (1980) - Pluto  REVIEW  (***½/TT)
Poco  (US)
Cantamos  (1974) - ?  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Poe  (US)
Haunted  (2000) - Chamberlin - Patrick Warren  REVIEW  (**/T½)
David Poe  (US)
David Poe  (1997) - Chamberlin - David Poe  REVIEW  (***/T)
Pofter & the Allstar Syndicate  (Germany)  see: Samples etc.
Pogo Pops  (Norway)  see: Samples etc.
Point of Departure  (UK)
Magic Circles/Magic Circles (instrumental) (1993 single) - Stuart Farnden/Marc Jones
Poisonous Museum  (UK/France, progressive)
Let it Go  (1999) - Andrew Smart  REVIEW  (***/TTT)
Pola  (Poland)
Wbrew  (2009) - Robin Millar
Polifemo  (Argentina, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
Brendan Pollard  (UK, electronic)
Expansion  (2005) - Brendan Pollard/Adrian Dolente  REVIEW  (****/TTTT)
Flux Echoes  (2007) - Brendan Pollard/Adrian Dolente  REVIEW  (****/TTTT)
Brendan Pollard & More  (UK, electronic)
Collection Volume One  (2013) - Brendan Pollard  REVIEW  (***/TTT)
Collection Volume Two  (2013) - Brendan Pollard  REVIEW  (***/TTT)
Collection Volume Three  (2013) - Brendan Pollard  REVIEW  (***/TT½)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth  (UK, electronic)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth  (2009) - Brendan Pollard/Michael Daniel  REVIEW  (***½/TT½)
Volume Two  (2010) - Brendan Pollard/Jerome Ramsey  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
3  (2010) - Brendan Pollard  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
IV  (2010) - Brendan Pollard/others?  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
5  (2013) - Brendan Pollard/others?  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
Six  (2013) - Brendan Pollard/others?  REVIEW  (***/TT)
Michel Polnareff  (France)
Polnareff's  (1971) - Michel Polnareff  REVIEW  (**/½)
Steve Poltz  (Canada)  see: Samples etc.
Polytechnic  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Lola Ponce  (Argentina)  see: Samples etc.
Legendary Marvin Pontiac  (US)
Greatest Hits  (2000) - John Medeski  REVIEW  (***/T)
Pony Harvest  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
(I) Pooh  (Italy, progressive/pop)
Un Po' del Nostro Tempo Migliore  (1975) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (***/½)
Forse Ancora Poesia  (1975) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Poohlover  (1976) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (***/TT)
Rotolando Respirando  (1977) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (***/T)
Boomerang  (1978) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (***/T½)  [as 'Pooh' from here on]
Viva  (1979) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (**½/T½)
Hurricane  (1980) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (**½/½)
...Stop  (1980) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (**/T)
Buona Fortuna  (1981) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (**/½)
Palasport  (1982) - Roby Facchinetti  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Poor Rich Ones  (Norway)  see: Samples etc.
Poor Richard  (US)
Place of the Sun  (1978) - Bryce "Uncle Dirty" Roberson  REVIEW  (***/T)
Poorfolk  (Canada)  see: Samples etc.
Iggy Pop  (US)
Pretty Flamingo  (1979 b-side) - Chamberlin - ?  REVIEW  (***/T)
Pop Five Music Incorporated  (Portugal)
Orange  (1971 single) - Miguel Graça Moura?  REVIEW  (****/TT½)
Popmachine  (Belgium)
Love Me  (1999 single) - Marco Rosano
Sage  (2000 single) - Marco Rosano
Popol Vuh  (Germany, kraut/avant garde)  see: Samples etc.
Popol Vuh (Ace)  (Norway, progressive)
Popol Vuh  (1972) - Pete Knutsen  REVIEW  (***½/TTT½)
Quiché Maya  (1973) - Pete Knutsen  REVIEW  (***½/TT½)
Stolen From Time  (1975) - Pete Knutsen  [as Popol Ace]  REVIEW  (***½/TT½)
André Popp  (France)
Piccolo et Saxo à Music City  (1972) - Fred Farrugia  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Raul Porchetto  (Argentina)  see: Samples etc.
Porcupine Tree  (UK, progressive/psych)  also see: Samples etc.
Stupid Dream  (1999) - Richard Barbieri  REVIEW  (*****/T½)
Four Chords That Made a Million  (2000 EP) - Steven Wilson  REVIEW  (****/TT)
Lightbulb Sun  (2000) - Steven Wilson/Richard Barbieri  REVIEW  (****½/T½)
Shesmovedon  (2000 EP) - Steven Wilson  REVIEW  (****/TT)
Recordings  (2001, recorded 1998-2000) - Steven Wilson  REVIEW  (****/TT½)
In Absentia  (2002) - Richard Barbieri  REVIEW  (****½/TT)
Willy Porter  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Porter Block  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Poseidotica  (Argentina)  see: Samples etc.
Posies  (US, powerpop)
Amazing Disgrace  (1996) - Ken Stringfellow/Jon Auer  REVIEW  (****/T½)
Please Return it  (1996 EP) - Ken Stringfellow/Jon Auer  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Every Kind of Light  (2005) - Ken Stringfellow?  REVIEW  (***½/TT½)
Possibilities  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Possum Dixon  (US)
Star Maps  (1996) - Robert O'Sullivan  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Grace Potter (& the Nocturnals)  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Jack Potter  (US, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
Jo Potter  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Risa Potters  (UK)
Take Me Away  (1972) - Tony Cox  REVIEW  (**½/T½)
Powderfinger  (Australia)
Dream Days at the Hotel Existence  (2007) - Chamberlin? - Benmont Tench  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Doug Powell  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Power 13  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Daniel Powter  (Canada)
Daniel Powter  (2005) - Chamberlin? - Mitchell Froom?  REVIEW  (*½/TTT½)
Under the Radar  (2008) - Linda Perry  REVIEW  (**/TT)
Mary Prankster  (US)
Tell Your Friends  (2002) - Chamberlin - Samantha "Mary Prankster" Johnston  REVIEW  (***/½)
Andy Pratt  (US)
Resolution  (1976) - Ken Bichel  REVIEW  (**/½)
Cover Me  (2003) - Mellotron & Chamberlin - Mark Doyle  [as Andy Pratt & Mark Doyle]
The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Preacher Boy  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Preâmbulo Que  (Portugal)
Tens um País/Longe de Mim e do Mundo  (1975 single) - José Cid  REVIEW  (**½/T½)
Predmestje  (Yugoslavia)  see: Samples etc.
Premiata Forneria Marconi  (Italy, progressive)  also see: Samples etc.
Storia di un Minuto  (1972) - Flavio Premoli  REVIEW  (*****/TTTT½)
Per un Amico  (1972) - Flavio Premoli  REVIEW  (*****/TTT½)
Photos of Ghosts  (1973) - Flavio Premoli  REVIEW  (****/TT½)
L'Isola di Niente  (1974) - Flavio Premoli  REVIEW  (****/TTT)
The World Became the World  (1974) - Flavio Premoli  REVIEW  (***½/TTT½)
Cook  [a.k.a. Live in USA]  (1974) - Flavio Premoli  REVIEW  (****/TTT)
Chocolate Kings  (1976) - Flavio Premoli  REVIEW  (****/½)
Impressioni Vent'Anni Dopo  (1994, recorded 1972) - Flavio Premoli  REVIEW  (***½/TTT½)
10 Anni Live  (1996, recorded 1971-81) - Flavio Premoli  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
Chris Prentice  (New Zealand)
Trianon  (1993 cassette) - Christopher Orczy
Presence of Soul  (Japan)  see: Samples etc.
Present  (Belgium, progressive)
No. 6  (1999) - Pierre Chevalier  REVIEW  (****/T)
High Infidelity  (2001) - Pierre Chevalier  REVIEW  (****/T)
Lisa Marie Presley  (US)
To Whom it May Concern  (2003) - Chamberlin - Zac Rae  REVIEW  (***/½)
Pressgang  (UK, folk rock)  see: Samples etc.
Presto Ballet  (US, progressive/metal)  see: Samples etc.
Pretty Things  (UK, r'n'b/psych)
Talkin' About the Good Times  (1968 single) - John Povey?  REVIEW  (****/TT½)
SF Sorrow  (1968) - John Povey?  REVIEW  (****½/TTT)
Parachute  (1970) - John Povey  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Philippe DeBarge  (2008, recorded 1969) - John Povey?  REVIEW  (***½/T)
The Sweet Pretty Things (Are in Bed Now, of Course...)  (2017) - Frank Holland  REVIEW  (****/TTT)
Bobby Previte  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Archer Prewitt  (US)
4 Track Songs  (1997 EP) - Archer Prewitt
White Sky  (1999) - Archer Prewitt  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
Three  (2002) - Archer Prewitt  REVIEW  (***/½)
Wilderness  (2005) - Archer Prewitt/Dave Max Crawford/Mark Greenberg  REVIEW  (***½/TTT)
Alan Price  (UK)
Don't Stop the Carnival/The Time Has Come  (1968 single) - Alan Price  REVIEW  (**/TT)
Tappy Tortoise  (1968 b-side) - Alan Price  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Vincent Priceless  (US)
Black Light Revival  (2014) - Vincent Priceless  REVIEW  (***½/TTT½)
Julian Priester Pepo Mtoto  (US, jazz)
Love, Love  (1974) - Julian Priester, Todd "Bayete Umbra Zindiko" Cochran or Pat Gleeson  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Spike Priggen  (US)  also see: Samples etc.
The Very Thing That You Treasure  (2001) - Dean Falcone/Spike Priggen  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Primal Scream  (UK)  also see: Samples etc.
Xtrmntr  (2000) - ?  REVIEW  (***½/TT½)
Primus  (US)
Antipop  (1999) - Tom Waits  REVIEW  (***/T)
Prince  (France, electronic/progressive)
Prince  (1982) - Jean-Michel Desbouis  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Prince  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Prince Buster  (Jamaica, reggae)
Big Five  (1970 single) - ?  REVIEW  (***/T)
Andrea Priora  (Italy)  see: Samples etc.
Prisoners  (UK)
In From the Cold  (1986) - James Taylor  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Procession  (Italy, progressive)
Frontiera  (1972) - Stefano "Il Corvo" Piermarioli  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Procol Harum  (UK, psych/progressive)
Shine on Brightly  (1968) - Gary Brooker or Matthew Fisher  REVIEW  (****/½)
Procosmian Fannyfiddlers  (Norway)  see: Samples etc.
Proctor & Bergman  (US, humour)
TV or Not TV  (1973) - ?  REVIEW  (***/T)
Prodigal Sons  (Netherlands)
Wine of Life  (1993) - DiMaestro  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
I Profeti  (Italy)  see: Samples etc.
The Proles  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Christian Prommer  (Germany)
Space Jam 2000.17  (2007 b-side) - Roberto di Gioia  [as Christian Prommer's Drumlesson]
Drumlesson Zwei  (2010) - Roberto di Gioia  REVIEW  (***/T)
Revisit...  (2011) - Roberto di Gioia  [as Christian Prommer & Robert di Gioia vs. the Crusaders]  REVIEW  (***/½)
Pronssinen Pokaali  (Finland)
Kuvia  (1998) - Jyri Riikonen
Chuck Prophet  (US)  also see: Samples etc.
Balinese Dancer  (1993) - Chuck Prophet  REVIEW  (***/0)
Proscriptor  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Prosper  (Germany)
Broken Door  (1975) - Ernst Muller  REVIEW  (***½/T½)
Prosser  (US)  see: Samples etc.
The Provenance  (Sweden, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
Providence  (Japan, progressive)  see: Samples etc.
Providence  (US, progressive)
Providence  (2013 download, recorded 1981-82) - Craig P. Smith/Mark Fasula  REVIEW  (***½/TTT½)
Prowlers  (Italy, progressive)  also see: Samples etc.
Sogni in una Goccia di Cristallo  (2011) - Alfio Costa  REVIEW  (***/TT½)
ProwlersLive  (2013) - Alfio Costa  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Mondi Nuovi  (2014) - Alfio Costa  REVIEW  (***½/TT½)
Prucel  (Norway)
Easy Pieces  (1975) - Peter Knutsen
Prydwyn with Quickthorn  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Pseudo Sun  (Sweden)
Atomic Dogs Don't Bark  (2002) - Juba Nurmenniemi  REVIEW  (***/TTT½)
Psychic TV  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Psycho Lemon  (France, psych)  see: Samples etc.
Psycho Realm  (US, gansta rap)
The Psycho Realm  (1997) - Randy Cantor  REVIEW  (**/T½)
Psychodots  (US)
Awkwardsville  (1995) - Bob Nyswonger  REVIEW  (**½/½)
Psychomuzak  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Psychopunch  (Sweden)
We Are Just as Welcome as Holy Water in Satan's Drink  (1999) - Jonas Stålhammar  REVIEW  (***/½)
Psyclone Rangers  (US)
The Devil May Care  (1995) - Ian Caple/Jonathan Valania  REVIEW  (**½/T)
Publius  (US)  see: Samples etc.
Alex Puddu & the Butterfly Collectors  (Denmark)  see: Samples etc.
Tito Puente & His Orchestra  (US)
Tito Unlimited  (1974) - Tito Puente  REVIEW  (***/TTT½)
Puffy  (Japan)
Nice  (2003) - Andy Sturmer/Chamberlin - Chris James  REVIEW  (***½/T)
Bring it  (2009) - ?  REVIEW  (***/T½)
Joe Pug  (US, Americana)
Windfall  (2015) - Pat Sansone  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Pugwash  (Ireland, intelligent pop)  also see: Samples etc.
Jollity  (2005) - Thomas Walsh/Duncan Maitland/Dave Gregory  REVIEW  (****/TTTT½)
Eleven Modern Antiquities  (2008) - Andy Partridge/Daragh Bohan, Mellotron & Chamberlin - Thomas Walsh  REVIEW  (****/TTT½)
Pulp  (UK)
Different Class  (1995) - Jarvis Cocker  REVIEW  (****/½)
This is Hardcore  (1998) - Jarvis Cocker?  REVIEW  (****/TT)
We Love Life  (2001) - Jarvis Cocker?  REVIEW  (****/T)
Pulsar  (France, progressive)
The Strands of the Future  (1976) - Jacques Roman  REVIEW  (****½/TTTT)
Halloween  (1977) - Jacques Roman  REVIEW  (****½/TTT)
Puppet Show  (US, neo-progressive)  see: Samples etc.
PurPeLoid  (Canada)
EuphoraPhonic  (2002) - Dave Klotz
Purple Overdose  (Greece, psych)  see: Samples etc.
Purplene  (Australia)
Purplene  (2004) - David Ledlin  REVIEW  (**/½)
Purson  (UK, psych)
The Circle & the Blue Door  (2013) - Rosalie Cunningham  REVIEW  (****/TTTT)
Desire's Magic Theatre  (2016) - Rosalie Cunningham  REVIEW  (***½/TTT½)
Push Stars  (US)
After the Party  (1999) - Chamberlin - Jon Brion  REVIEW  (**/T)
Pussy  (UK, progressive/psych)
Pussy Plays  (1969) - Peter Whiteman (or Danny Beckerman)  REVIEW  (***½/½)
Pye Fyte  (US, progressive)
The Gathering of the Krums  (1998) - John McNamara  REVIEW  (****/TTTTT)
Pip Pyle  (UK)  see: Samples etc.
Pyramid  (Germany, progressive/kraut)
Pyramid  (1997, recorded 1975-76) - Pyramid  REVIEW  (***½/TT½)
Pythagoras  (Netherlands, progressive)
Journey to the Vast Unknown  (1980) - Rene de Haan  REVIEW  (***/T)
After the Silence  (1981) - Rene de Haan/Michel van Wassem  REVIEW  (***½/TTTT)

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